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  • Let Your Freak Flag Fly

    By admin | In Workouts | on January 14, 2010

    “You’re a freak.”  At least that’s what my wife told me when I finished my 3/4 sleeve tattoo.  It’s also what I hear from my old body building/ power lifting buddies when I tell them some of the WODs we complete and the times we do them in.  They are used to the same old chest on […]

  • It was great to have Brian of CrossFit Goldstein visit us to hit the WODs yesterday! I love it when people visit and push me to go just a little harder, lift a little more and do the exercises just a little faster. Come on back anytime, Brian and bring your lovely wife Jeanie! Super […]

  • We lift heavy things and put them back down.  We move fast, hard and continuously until our faces are red, we have sweat pouring from our bodies and we can barely move.  We eat healthy, eschewing sweets, breadand other high calorie, high carb food.  And we do it willingly.  And we love it.  Why?  Some […]

  • “Women who claim to be afraid to train hard because they “always bulk up too much” are often already pretty bulky, or “skinny fat” (thin but weak and deconditioned) and have found another excuse to continue life sitting on their butts.” – Mark Rippetoe, author of “Starting Strength” I’m a big Mark Rippitoe fan.  Love […]

  • The NEW and IMPROVED HIT CrossFit website is here!

    By admin | In Workouts | on January 10, 2010

    Welcome to the NEW HIT CrossFit website!  The old one was OK, but this new one has more features, better graphics and easier layout!  So let’s get started! Today’s workout featured at tabata style workout in which Andrea and Jacy spent 20 seconds rowing, 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of pull-ups, 10 seconds rest […]