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  • Every once and a while someone will tell me “I didn’t get much out of that WOD. Is there something else I sould do?”. My answer is always the same: no. Why? Because our programming is meant to be done at high intensity. You are to go as fast and as heavy yet safely (perfect […]

  • Train like there’s no tomorrow.

    By admin | In Workout Wisdom | on June 6, 2010

    Life is short. I was reminded of that last week. On a random Tuesday at lunch time, one of my best friends lost his 16 year old son in a car wreck. I felt this loss on 2 levels: I felt for my friend as a father and I felt for my friend’s 11 year […]

  • Not.  There are more lose weight/ fat burning/ muscle building gimmicks out there than you can shake a stick at.  There are countless videos, machines, even smart phone apps that promise all of these amazing results that can be gained in no time, sometimes 90 days or less.  But those of us that CrossFit know the real […]

  • Today the gym was slammed.  Love big groups hitting it hard and I thrive on chaos.  BUT when we have big groups, it is 1st ready, 1st to go.  If you are one of our powerlifters or doing your own thing, don’t monopolize weights.  Share.  Be nice.  CrossFitters that are working the program get dibs.  […]

  • I have a confession to make.  I sometimes miss the old powerlifting/ body building routine that I did for years and years.  It’s simply because it’s easier and you can pop your ear buds in, crank the music up and turn your brain off for an hour or so.  This is not so with CrossFit.  […]