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Tuesday’s WOD and a little request.

January 28th, 2014 by admin

Holy cow are the classes busy! With the numbers we’ve been having, it looks like we’re going to need to look into a scheduling program like Rhino or Zenplanner. Until then, be aware that while we are trying to maintain no more than 15 people per class, we had 21 people at the 6:30 class tonight! That’s awesome but makes it a little crazy. If I can ask maybe a couple of you 6:30 guys or gals to come in at 5:30 if possible, it’d help out a ton! What a fantastic problem to have if you’re me, but I’m sure it can get frustrating to others. Thanks, guys!

Tuesday’s WOD
Warm up on board

Ring dips. 2 sets, max reps without coming off of the rings.

Close grip bench press 5/5/5/5 OR DB bench press 8/8/8

Brett B. is a CFL1 coach who recently moved up here with the Army. A really good coach, he’s been helping me on Saturdays and with the power athletes at 7:30. He came up with this metcon for them Monday night. Thought y’all should do it, too.

Floor presses

Using the same barbell, as heavy as possible, from the floor, of course.

Oh, by the way.

We made the high school kids go ahap, too. Couple of kids used 225. One of them just turned 16. Don’t get showed up by a 16 year old.


Athlete # Dips Max Strength Weight DB/Bench METCON Time METCON Weight Notes
Hunter 3 145 Bench 5:05 95 Rx
Matt 17 225 Bench 5:11 155 Rx
Jen 3 95 Bench 6:10 95 Rx
Sam 13 225 Bench 6:23 175 Rx
Marisa 13 Band 95 Bench 6:42 80 Rx
Devin 70 Bench 6:48 60 Rx
Skip 15 185 Bench 7:33 135 Rx
Mel 85 Bench 7:35 80 Rx
Joe 6 205 Bench 7:51 135 Rx
Danny 13 205 Bench 7:59 155 Rx
Christi 8 Band 85 Bench 8:08 85 Rx
Rich 10 8:14 155 Rx
Chanse 14 45 DB 8:21 135 Rx
Josh 3 195 Bench 8:26 115 Rx
Mary 105 Bench 8:30 80 Rx
Victoria 5 Band 95 Bench 8:56 105 Rx
Robbie 235 Bench 9:16 155 Rx
Todd H 16 165 Bench 9:30 165 Rx
Kathryn 2 35 DB 9:50 105 Rx
Calla 1 35 DB 9:54 75 Rx
Kris 75 Bench 10:14 75 Rx
Brian 8 165 Bench 10:45 155 Rx
Elliot 1+Hold 35 DB 10:50 95 Rx
Chip 10 85 DB 11:11 135 Rx
Jon P 10 85 DB 13:24 185 Rx
LokYi 2 105 Bench 16:34 95 Rx
AJ 7 200 Bench 17:30 175 Rx
Lizzie 60 Bench 6:31 55 FS+Push Up

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7 Responses

  1. Ryan W Says:

    Got a question. I feel like I’m gettn winded mega quick durin the metcons and it’s hurtin my performance because I want to get as much out of each of em as possible. Anybody have any advice on how to help me expand my lungs some and so I won’t get so out of breath so quickly???

  2. Erika Says:

    look into exersized induced asthma… were you exposed to second hand smoke? I have it pretty bad.

  3. Ryan W Says:

    No wasn’t around that growin up. And I was tested for allergies and asthma a few yrs ago and they said I was ok

  4. Brett B Says:

    Ryan W which class do you attend!

  5. Ryan W Says:

    630 pm class most of the week

  6. Brett B Says:

    Ryan W: find me on Friday and I can give you some helpful tips on how to work on correcting your issue!

  7. Ryan W Says:

    Thanks dude.

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