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Gotta start somewhere…

By admin | In Workout Wisdom | on September 20, 2010

Dan and I were talking about Starting Strength and he brought up a really good point. If you are not eating to gain muscle, you won’t gain massive amounts of muscles, even if you are lifting super heavy weights. The human body needs protein, fats and some good carbohydrates to grow. If all you are doing is lifting heavy and not eating the right foods to help those muscles to grow, they simply won’t grow as big as fast. Same goes for those that are trying to lose weight by exercising alone. Sure, you’ll lose some weight, maybe inches in some cases, but if you aren’t eating the proper amount of food and eating the right foods, you will see little if no results. Some of us are happy at the weight we are. We’d simply like to eliminate some body fat and build lean muscle. Great. But you know what you need to do to do this? That’s right. Eat well and properly. My wife says she exercises like she does so she can eat what she wants. That’s a school of thought as well. And it works for her (and for the most part, me too) but if you care about performance or body composition or weight or all of the above, you have to eat a sensible diet that is high in protein, some fats, good low glycemic carbohydrates and ingest very little grains, simple carbohydrates, preservatives and sugars. I try to eat Paleo as much as possible and it seems to work for me. The Zone is another great diet plan that works for some people. Weight Watchers seems to work for others. Whatever you choose, if you want to feel better, preform at your best, look like a million dollars and generally kick butt, your diet is where to start!

Looking at starting a Kids Fit class in the afternoons. Our daughter and Jay and Michelle’s daughter, Maddie have been CrossFitting together for several months now at 4 to 5PM. Maddie, a 9 year old little whisp of a girl, is a great inspiration to Dayton (and some adults!) and is a super athlete. She’s motivated Dayton to hit her 1st kipping pull-up and has motivated her to become quite an athlete herself! I’d like to invite any child, boy or girl, to join these 2 anytime! Interested? Give me a call at 449-0628 or shoot me an email at hitcrossfit@gmail.com for more info and pricing! Those on the family plan can bring their kids at no additional charge!

Tuesday’s WOD(s)

Strength – none because of the METCON below…

Strength Bias METCON

“McGee” (see 4/17/10 for comparison)


5 – Deadlifts (275/165)

13 – Push-ups

9 – Box jumps (24/20)

(see, told you so.)

Metabolic Bias METCON (see 02/23/10 for comparison)

Start with 4 burpees and hit 4 burpees at the top of every minute, on the minute while preforming the following:

20 – Thrusters (95/65)

20 – SDLHP (95/65)

20 – Push Press (95/65)

20 – OHS (95/65)

20 – Front Squats (95/65)

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