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4 Dudes Went Down to The Garage Games…

By admin | In Events | on February 8, 2010

Dan, Rob, John and I just returned from an AWESOME weekend in Woodstock, GA where Dan competed in the advanced group, Rob and John competed in the intermediate group and I acted as their chaufeur and got to  judge the competition.  What an experience it was to see the caliber of competitors at the Garage Games!  There were some true mutants, fire breathers and sick individuals that participated!  Big props and kudos to the organizers, Andy, Shane, Wes and Eric for putting on one heck of a show and making the games great, despite the freezing temperatures, sleet, rain and general crappy weather we experienced! 

Our guys went up against some of the most impressive CrossFitters I have ever seen and really represented HITCF well!  Dan placed 21st out of more than 50 CF’ers and John and Rob were both in the top 20 out of more than 50 in their respective category.  The competition started out for Dan with a 7K run thru a really fun, but NASTY off road trail thru the woods that had several creek crossings, ankle deep mud and one heck of a big creek crossing where the water came up to the competitors waist!   He then had to pound thru an AMRAP in 15 minutes of 10 – 2 pood KB swings and 10 – 20# wall balls and do it all in the freezing sleet!  The day finished up with a 120# sandbag carry up a 30 degree incline trail, 10 – sandbag cleans,  run back down the hill with the sand bag then complete 20 – 315# deadlifts.   Rob and John started with the AMRAP in 12 minutes of the 1.5 pood KB and wall balls, the sand bag carry of 80 # and deadlift of 225# then finished with the 7K run.  What a day Saturday was! 

Sunday brought 10 – 135# overhead anyway, 20 – sit ups, 700ish M run, 10 – 2 pood KB swings, 20 – burpees, 700ish M and do it all again to Dan while Rob and John did the same series except with 115# and a 1.5 pood KB.  This separated the men from the boys and our guys are real men!  GREAT JOB GUYS!  WAY TO REPRESENT!  Also big thanks to Katie and Lok-yi for “manning the fort” while we were away playing in the cold!  You guys rock!

I had the privlidge to judge all of the advanced men’s heats, most of the intermediate heats and got to sit at the infamous big creek crossing to watch all of the competitors forge thru the freezing water.  Some fell and were completely submerged!  I was constantly reaffirmed of my decision not to compete;  this “old man” couldn’t have hung with these guys and survived!  I’m impressed with ALL of the competitors and their dedication to CrossFit!  Can’t wait for sectionals, regional and AROMAS BABY!

Tuesdays WODS:

Strength WOD

Push Jerk


rest/ recover as needed to tackle the

METCON (in honor of the Garage Games)

AMRAP 12 minutes of;

10 – KB Swings (2 pood/ 1.5 pood/ 1 pood)

10 – wall balls to 10′ target (20#/ 14#)

Monday was a make up day.  There were several men and one woman who hit the clean rows/ Diane WOD.  PR’s were abound!  Connor, Drew and I all beat the old white board record while Shane and Sean completed it as rx’ed for the 1st time!  WAY TO GO MEN!  Laura deadlifted 135# like it was a joke (it really is a joke to her!) while Greg and Curt attempted Diane for the 1st time and really put on a good show!  Fantastic intensity, great form and dedication by all!  It really gets me pumped up to see this in the gym.  Keep it up!

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